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Online Ergonomics Courses

Learn safe methods to help prevent musculoskeletal injuries on the job. Earn your AES Ergonomics Improvement Specialist certificate today! 


(AES) Ergonomics Improvement Specialist 
These courses provide you with the skills you need to create a safer, more efficient workplace. Stand out from your peers and complete these courses to receive the Ergonomic Improvement Specialist certificate from the Applied Ergonomic Society (AES). These courses are ideal for all professionals seeking to drive innovation in ergonomics, healthcare, safety, human resources and risk management. 

Industrial Ergonomics
Jobs in an industrial environment can be physically demanding. Preventing work-related musculoskeletal problems rests on an ergonomically sound work environment, good work practices and employee awareness. This course will introduce common risk factors and methods to prevent musculoskeletal injury. Ideal learners include all industrial employees.

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